My Other Writing Credits

Hey Laura, I am sometimes asked, what else do you write besides this blog twice a week?

Well, I actually have credits all over the place.  You just probably haven't ever heard of them.

Print Publications
  • I used to write articles and a weekly column for a local newspaper that, unless you happen to live near me, you've never ever encountered.
  • NEWS-Line employed me for a good four years as a freelance writer for their various magazines for medical professionals.  I would be given a completed interview with a subject and turn it into a prose article.  It was a nice arrangement until they stopped hiring outside writers; if they ever decide to work with freelancers again I hope they call me.

  • My first published book was called Saving the World in Your Spare Time.  It's still around on Amazon, but it didn't do very well and you won't find it in your local bookstore.
  • I self published a book of my nature photography, God is in the Details. Nobody has ever bought a copy, but it exists.
  • My former neighbor Bob and I teamed up to write a children's book, Pip the Mouse and His Magical Christmas.
  • I'm currently working on my first novel.  I've been at it for a few years now.  It's a slow process.

Online Publication
  • I have a web serial novel in progress.  If you like medieval fantasy with its own internal mythology, please check out The Graystone Saga.
  • I was one of the founding members of the Geek Girls Network and have a few articles published over there.  You can find them all here.
  • Currently I write for Indie Game Magazine. I write news pieces and game reviews, and they seem to think I'm kind of awesome.  I have pieces on the main site and also on the mobile site.

  • You may have noticed the "Shop" link.  That will lead you to my store at CafePress, where you'll find items featuring my photography, some little designs I whipped up, and even official merchandise for this blog.  I like to call it the Little Shop of Laura's, because I'm goofy.
  • Some people call me Lady Norbert.

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