Questions Which Are Asked With Varying Degrees of Frequency

Why is your blog called "It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time"?

To head off the obvious question.

What is the obvious question?

"Why did you start a blog?"

What is this blog about?

In shortest form, it's about whatever it dawns on me to post on a given day. Sometimes I'll share stories from my own life, which is sufficiently weird. Sometimes I'll talk about things that catch my interest, particularly on the internet. It partly depends on what's lying uppermost in my mind, and partly on my mood.

Is the stuff you write here all true?

Most of it. I don't make up stories. Occasionally I will embellish slightly to make myself sound funnier, but the majority of the stories are presented with deadpan accuracy. An example would be my tale of the high school football team leaving me at an away game -- that is all perfectly true, and wasn't embellished in the least.

Do you like cheese?

I am a fan of all things dairy. Except for cottage cheese, which I consider to be an abomination.

Will you link to my blog/website/webcomic/thing that I do online?

I might! Depends on what it is and if I like it. Leave me a link in a comment and I'll check it out.

Do you really know [insert name of internet or actual celebrity here]?

The odds are that the answer to this question is no. There are a handful of celebrities that it might look like I know because of my Twitter account or because they got mentioned in here for some reason. Voice actor Vic Mignogna is a good example - we've met twice, and he's always been incredibly sweet to me, but he probably wouldn't know me again if we bumped into one another on the street. (He meets thousands of people a year, I can't blame him.)

Good rule of thumb: If the person in question is an actual celebrity, then no, I don't know them - at least not well enough to feel justified in saying so. I am, however, lucky to be able to include a few internet celebrities of varying fame in my social circle. I'm good friends with the creators of the Catena webcomic, Tracy and DeBray Bailey, who are amazing, and they are the reason that I'm acquainted with the very talented comic book writer Scott Christian Sava, who is also amazing. I'm happy to know a rather famous cosplayer named Victoria, a.k.a. Cosplay Girl (who is beautiful and smart and incredibly nice, and I once told her I would hate her if I didn't like her so much). And reportedly, depending on where you run around the internet, the name Lady Norbert is relatively well known.

Can I follow you on Twitter?

Sure! I'm over here.

Will you be my friend on Facebook?

Probably not. Unlike my Twitter, which is public, my Facebook is locked. Most of the people I'm friends with on there are related to me by blood or marriage, or have known me for a really long time. I would make it public, but several of my friends are underage, and I'm violently overprotective.

However, there is good news, and it has nothing to do with switching your car insurance. You may not be able to become my friend on Facebook, but you can become the blog's friend, or ardent admirer, or stalker with a crush (whatever floats your boat). Head over to the official Facebook page and join the ranks. You can post and create discussions of your own if you like, although only I can post certain things. (Trying to pre-emptively keep spam off the page.)

Didn't you have another blog?

Yes. I took it down because I got a job that sucked up a lot of my free time, and because it was harder to think of something witty to say about video games every week than it is to babble about reality twice a week. So there will just be an occasional video game-related post here instead.

Do you have advice for other bloggers?


Seriously, I don't think I'm adept enough at this to be dishing out advice without sounding pretentious. However, my excellent friend Kate, who blogs at her website utter randomonium, has put up a blog post that provides this very service. So if you would like some genuinely useful advice on the subject, head over this way.

How can I contact you?

I didn't expect this to ever be an issue, until I got a message from the founder of One Warm Coat, who needed to discuss something with me.  So now I realize that you might actually want or need to talk to me outside of blog comments.  You can email me - please don't make me regret providing you with that address!  No spam!  But your commentary and questions will always be welcomed.

If you have another question, feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to this list at some point in the future.

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