Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Brief Bullet Points

This post exists mostly for the sake of keeping up with my regular blogging schedule, because back when it first seemed like a good idea, I vowed that nothing short of a hospital stay would prevent me from blogging on my self-appointed rounds. I'm in the middle of six things at once, so that's why this post is barely making a Thursday appearance. Procrastinators unite...later.

  • In a previous post, I complained about the prevalence of 3-D in movies and so forth. Today I received confirmation that the forthcoming handheld from my beloved Nintendo, the 3DS, is going to be exactly what I thought -- a fancy new toy with a special feature I can't use. The graphics are so good that it's almost worth it anyway, but...meh. That's my frivolous bullet point; on to more serious matters.

  • Last night a gas explosion leveled a neighborhood in Allentown, which is the nearest city to my personal location. Five people were killed and several more lost their homes. I don't have the words, really. I heard it happen, although I didn't know what it was. All I can really do is urge anyone who wishes to help to give to the Red Cross disaster relief fund which exists for situations like this.

  • The Red Cross is also encouraging people to give blood -- not for the explosion situation, but in general. The weather this winter has been so bad that many people have had to cancel their scheduled donations, and supplies are dipping below the safe level. If you can give, please consider doing so.

Having covered what I believe are all the salient points, I must post this while it's still Thursday (where I live, anyway) and get some sleep. This weekend holds a promise of magic for me, or at least some cheap laughs, and while I don't want to say just yet what I'm anticipating, I will say that there will be details next week.

I'll tell you this much, though. I am not rushing off to catch the first showing of the Justin Bieber movie. Honest.

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  1. Apparently, people with astigmatism have been having a hell of a time seeing 3D? And! People with strabismus - which I had as a kid and was only considered corrected around age ten or so. I wonder if that's a factor?

    And I'm donating to the (Australian) Red Cross on Monday. Yay for bleeding into a bag.


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