Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unconventional Conventionists

Continuing in my post-convention reporting trend, this is the picture post I promised on Monday.

People who go to these cons and dress up as characters they enjoy are known as cosplayers. Many of them don't merely dress the part, they adopt the character's persona for the duration of the time they're in the costume. If you're not prepared for the phenomenon, I imagine it can be a little bewildering.

I, as it happens, am perfectly at home with the idea. I've spent enough time wandering around Renaissance faires pretending to be someone from the Elizabethan era (and successfully being mistaken for a faire employee). Putting on a set of odd clothes and at the same time putting on an entirely different personality is not too foreign to me. So I was particularly looking forward to seeing what my fellow weirdos decided to do.

All photographs linked from this post are copyright to myself, Laura Klotz. If you are in any of them, or wish to use them for con scrapbooking purposes or something like that, by all means feel free to copy them to your hard drive. I only ask that they not be reposted someplace else on the internet without credit being given to me, and that if you do take any/all of them, please leave a comment and let me know.

Having said that, here are the characters who found a place on my camera's memory card:

Well, I did say I didn't need to wear a wig. That was part of the reason for choosing that costume. Also, those are real arrows on my back, but they're quite firmly stuck in place; if you attended the con and remember me at all, it's probably because of my bow. It was actually a bow-shaped marshmallow shooter and an awful lot of people requested to be shot with the candy.

As I mentioned in Monday's post, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the impossibly nice and adorably geeky Vic Mignogna at the con. Naturally, I got a few pictures of him as well. Here he is talking to fans after his faith panel, discussing his love of Star Trek, and being friendly and social during his Sunday autograph session.

Let me hear from you if you spot anyone you know in these pictures!


  1. You're the only one I know in the pics. lol. Great picture :)

  2. AWESOME pics. That last pic of you as Susan will be my iconic image of you from now on. :)

    Also, Vic? HAWT. Wow. Those jeans are tight. *stares*

    xox Daniela

  3. -Agrees wit the statement that vic's pants are tight and he is hot- i stole ur vic pics, they're good! just gonna mess wit them on my photoshop idk what i'm doin other than that. Lol i se my hair in the last one. i'm like 3 back in the line XD

  4. Cool pictures and neat blog. The one of Eevee is actually one of my best friends. :3

  5. Ello There!

    I'm that eevee~ :3

  6. Kaitlyn - yes, Vic IS hot. My exact thought on first seeing him was "Wow, he's gorgeous." I'm a happily married woman, but y'know. ;)

    Eevee & friend - so glad you stopped by! Thanks again for letting me take your picture, my friend who loves Eevees was delighted.

  7. I have already told you this, but I think that it needs saying again, you looked HOT in that dress!


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