Monday, June 6, 2011

What's the word for that sound...

...that you make when you dribble your finger across your lips like you've gone bonkers? Sounds a bit like bibbidy-bibbidy-bibbidy? Anyway, that's the sound that I feel like my brain is making currently, since I only just noticed that today is Monday. Last Thursday completely passed me by.

Part of this can be blamed on the fact that this is inventory week at the Store of Awesome. So for the last few days we've been doing a lot of prep work, which is not especially difficult but does have some mind-numbing qualities. The actual inventory will be taken on Wednesday, and I am the only staff member who will not be participating. When I asked why, they replied, "Because somebody has to close the store." Turns out that inventory starts at 7 in the morning, an evil hour when I prefer to believe that the world doesn't actually exist. (I spent ten years working night shift for a reason, thanks.)

The other reason for all the brain leakage is the fact that next Saturday, my beloved goddaughter Kristie will be marrying my equally beloved godson-in-law elect Alex. So while I don't have much to do with the wedding itself, I've been stressing about related things like whether my husband got the time off from work and making sure that certain details are taken care of before we make our way to the festivities. Between these two things, I don't anticipate sleeping overmuch in the next few days, which is why I only just noticed that today is, in fact, Monday.

I do want to say hi to a bunch of people who have apparently been migrating over to this blog from a certain pocket of the internet known as It's my semi-dirty little not-quite-secret that I have another name in most parts of the internet void, that being one of them, and it would seem (to judge by my stats) that I'm getting a portion of my blog traffic these days on account of people who know me as Lady Norbert. Thanks, guys.

Finally, before I head upstairs to knock another item or two off of my to-do list, I'd just like to remind everyone about my little contest. Visit my previous blog post and leave a comment to tell me about your pet cause or charity. Three people will be selected to write guest posts for this blog to talk about their causes. I've only got two entries so far, so your odds of winning are really high right now. Contest will, probably next Monday. Maybe a little later than that.

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