Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma is not OK today

This will be short and sweet.

If you haven't already heard, America's "Tornado Alley" has been besieged by devastating storms in the last two days, today especially.  As of this writing, 51 people have been confirmed dead, including seven students in an elementary school that was completely obliterated.

Being as far away as I am, I'm not exactly in a position to do much.  But here's what I can offer you.

1.  If you live in the affected area and are able to get to a computer with internet access, the Red Cross urges you to register on their Safe and Well website.  This will make it easier for loved ones to find out that you're alive and safe.

2.  If you do not live in the affected area, but are visiting the affected area from another country, you should still register on that website.  The Red Cross also urges you to contact your country's embassy or consular office and let them know that you're okay.  Your loved ones can search for you on the website using an international phone number.

3.  Suzanne Choney of NBC News has written a very helpful blog post on how you can help the victims of the tornadoes.  Click here to read all about it.

Sending my prayers and condolences to everyone who's been affected by this.

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