Monday, June 3, 2013

Photobomb? I hope not.

So I'm counting the hours until Wednesday evening.  As you might remember from some months ago, I'm a participant in the Capture Lehigh Valley photography project going on in my region.  My photos, and those of many other area photographers, have been considered for inclusion in the book that the project organizers are going to publish.

Well, on Wednesday, we all get to find out who made the cut.

We'll be converging on the Baum School of Art, in Allentown, where some of the photographs are going to be on display in the David E. Rodale Gallery for the rest of the month.  The soiree will include the official launch of the book, which none of us have seen, as well as the school's display of some of our pictures.  (The photos being shown in the gallery are not necessarily the same ones as in the book.)

I have no way of knowing, at this point, if any of my contributions were accepted either for the gallery showing or for the book.  I am hoping, really hoping, that at least one of them will appear somewhere.  Photography isn't my governing passion - my preferred medium is words, not images - but it's something I have loved to do for most of my life and it would be awesome to be an official participant.  However, I'm well aware that there are some truly masterful photographers who signed on for the project, and there would be no shame in having my amateurish point-and-shoot images passed over in favor of theirs.

But I won't lie.  I'd really like to be in this book.

Edit:  Apparently, a list was announced over a month ago of who made the cut for the book, and I was not one of the 95 chosen.  I feel kind of stupid for not having seen this sooner.

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