Monday, January 6, 2014

Writing Things

For some reason, in the last two weeks, my writing career has started moving.  Literally, in one sense.

It was a bit of a blur, the email arriving right before Christmas the way it did.  My serial fiction on the web, The Graystone Saga, was accepted for hosting at JukePop Serials.

My immediate reaction was to start shaking.

I didn't really expect it, you see.  I'd sent in my application for consideration over a month before, and I wasn't even sure they'd received it.  But they had.  Christmas came a couple days early.

There was lots to do, and still to be done.  Had to pull all the chapters of it off of the blog where I'd been personally hosting it for over a year.  The site's still there; I'll use it to host links and fan art and things like that.  But the chapters have to be exclusive to JPS for at least six months - fair's fair, after all.  The first chapter is up; the second chapter, once I edit it and satisfy myself that it is awesome as it can get, will be added a bit later this week.  (To read beyond the first chapter requires registering for a JPS account, but I promise it's free and painless and if you join and give my chapters the up-votes that are needed for me to earn a paycheck I will love you forever.)  Eventually, at logical progression points, my intention is to publish print copies of the story as well as the online thing.

I'm also in talks with Indie Game magazine about possibly joining the ranks of their game reviewers - I don't have any more details than that, but the fact that I a) write game reviews and b) game on multiple platforms definitely has their attention.  (Shout out to my parents for giving me an iPad for Christmas, thus providing me with one more gaming platform.)

I also have a new Pip the Mouse manuscript to edit, and I still have Anne's biography to do, and my cousin also wants me to write a version of our family history for the book that's being published for the 150th anniversary of the founding of Slatington, Pennsylvania, which was my grandmother's hometown.

Quite literally, there are so many words that will be pouring out of my mind in the coming twelvemonth that I'm a little overwhelmed by them.  I'm not sure I even know where to start.  It's a good thing, being wanted for the thing I unquestionably do best!  It's just a little... daunting.

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