Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Story: An extra chapter

This will be short, and incredibly sweet.  It's snowing very badly here and that's doing its usual number on my body.  But I have some happy news to report.

Not so very long ago, I spoke of the impending demise of Another Story, my beloved local used bookstore, which was in the midst of its going out of business sale.  Owner John Furphy owed around $4,000 in back rent and was reluctantly giving up the ghost.  Nothing short of a miracle seemed likely to save the store.

As it happens, there was a spare miracle to be had.

Thanks to extensive media coverage and a slew of new customers discovering the store because of said media coverage, enough money came into the store by the deadline to pay off the back rent.  Against incredible odds, the store has received a fresh chance to survive.

It's not completely out of the woods yet, of course.  There are other debts to be paid, and business has to continue to be good in order for the store to stay open.  But there's a chance, now.  There's room to hope.

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