Monday, April 7, 2014

We Did a Thing - a Magazine, Specifically

I've been rather ridiculously busy lately, between my regular job and the magazine and my webnovel and suchlike.

Last week, though, I'm proud to say that we did in fact launch the first monthly issue of Indie Game Magazine, and we're trying to get it out there into the world. The website is devoted to previews, gaming fundraisers, and special timely announcements; the actual magazine, meanwhile, is filled with things like interviews and lengthy reviews and premium content and exclusive stuff from the developers.

We're really proud of our work.

And we'd like to share it with you.

All the details are here, but to give you an idea - the magazine is a digital publication with realistic page-turning action. (No, seriously. It's adorable.) To celebrate the inaugural issue, we're doing a special promotion for April. You can sign up to read the first issue for free, or you can buy a subscription for the full price, or you can just make a donation to support our efforts. And if you buy a subscription or donate at least ten dollars, you'll receive an exclusive game code donated by one of our indie game sponsors. These codes are for well-known indie games like Dragons and Titans, Star Conflict, Let There Be Life, and the highly-lauded The Banner Saga.

My teammates and I have worked really hard to bring this thing to life and we're anxious to get it into the public eye, so please check it out and tell your friends to do likewise.

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