Monday, November 14, 2011

A coat is a hug you can take with you

Okay, I kind of just made that up.

Anyway, with the approach of the winter giving season, things are getting busy at my dear little fair trade store.  In my spare time, such as it is, I'm trying to do some cleaning out around my house.  One thing that the husband and I have in excess is coats; more coats than two people can realistically wear.  So I turned to the internet, which is where I get most of the answers to my questions anyway.

This led to my discovery of One Warm Coat.  It's pretty simple, and of course, in the simplicity lies the brilliance.  It's a great way to dispose of your clean and gently used coats and ensure that they will go to people who really need them.

Want to donate a coat?  Click on the Donate button and select "Donate a Coat."  (You can also donate money.)  Type in your zip code and the maximum number of miles you're willing to travel to donate your coats to a coat drive, then see what pops up.  You can donate not only coats but gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, and even sweaters and sweatshirts.

Want to run a coat drive of your own?  Great project for school clubs, Scout groups, and that sort of thing.   Check out the guidebook and from there, you'll be able to get in touch with a participating agency close to you.

If your house is like mine, you've got closets to clean, and One Warm Coat is going to make it easy to do so in a way that will help other people.  Let's get started!


  1. Laura -- we like the "line" so much that we'd like to use in when speaking, on our FB posts, and who knows what.

    Does "Blogger Laura" work or what would you like us to use when identifying the writer of this great visualization of our message?


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