Saturday, March 19, 2011

Special Edition: More Help for Japan

Well, technically it's past midnight here, so I didn't manage to update this on Friday like I said I would. But hey, it's still Friday in other parts of the United States, so it counts.

Anyway, in Monday's blog post I talked about some different and creative ways you can help the relief effort in Japan following the massive earthquake and resultant tsunami. I'm back with a couple more.

First up, from my redoubtable friend Kate, the news that there is an organization which unites two of my personal great loves in life - Harry Potter and altruism. Why, why did I not know before now about the HP Alliance?? Why has no one told me of this? Well, this weekend (that is to say, March 19th and 20th), they're doing their part to help. They raised more than $100,000 to help with the relief efforts after last year's Haitian earthquake, and now they're hard at work once again. If you live near a Borders - that is to say, a Borders that isn't in the process of closing, as my local branch regrettably is - you can participate. Just go to this website and download and print the document. (You'll need Adobe Reader to do it.) Take it to Borders and a percentage of whatever you spend will be donated to the relief effort. Couldn't be easier!

Meanwhile, from my beloved Geek Girls Network comes the Geeks With Heart Campaign. We of the GGN are urging our nerdy brethren to join us in raising money for Mercy Corps. Our goal is $2,500. Can you help?

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day at Zenkaikon in King of Prussia (near Philadelphia). The con has announced that they'll be collecting money for the relief effort, and several of the vendors in their Artists' Alley will be doing various things to help as well. If you're there or plan to be there, please check the website to see how you can contribute while you're geeking out.

We can do this. I know we can.

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