Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today's blog post, which is once again both short and very nearly late, comes courtesy of Debbie Tenzer, the unstoppable force behind Do One Nice Thing. Debbie gets mentioned here more than almost anybody else, mostly because she has so many great things on her site that need to be shared.

Normally she showcases the work of other people. Right now, though, what I'm spreading the signal about is some of her own work - she's crafted a video, "Proud," celebrating the strength and courage of the American soldier.

The video is here. The reason I'm linking to it, rather than embedding it like I might normally do, is because she's watching the hit count. For every hit the video receives, up to one thousand, one dollar will be donated to the Brooke Army Medical Center to assist in the giving of care to injured soldiers. So please spread the word and help them reach this hit count goal!

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