Monday, October 3, 2011

Fish and Cancer

I love Big Fish Games.  If you're a fan of games to play on your computer, you should check them out.  They have online games you can play for free, and other games that you can purchase and download.  That's awesome enough, but for bonus cool points, you can download a free one-hour trial of any of those games, so you can determine that you really do like it before you shell out the cash.  Once you've paid for a game, it remains in your purchase history forever - so if you get a new computer, you can just go into your history and download the game onto your new computer.

BFG also has a membership club.  Every month, you pay the equivalent of the cost of one game.  In return, you get a virtual 'punch card' and every purchase you make earns you a punch.  Six punches fills a card and earns you a coupon for a free game.  Plus, every month that you pay your membership dues, you get a free game credit.  Lots of free game opportunities!  Not to mention the fact that club members get to buy their games at a lower price than non-members.

There's a point here, I promise.

Every day, members of the games club have access to the Daily Deal - one of the site's games that can be purchased and downloaded for only $2.99.  Awesome, right?

It gets better.

October, as you have probably heard, is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States.  I wish breast cancer was something about which we didn't have to be aware, but that's not a luxury we get to enjoy.  Instead, we trot out the pink ribbons and do our part to help raise funds for research.  It'd be amazing to see cancer eradicated...hey, we can dream.

So for the month of October 2011, Big Fish Games is offering the Daily Deal to everyone, every day, whether you're part of the games club or not.  And for every Daily Deal game that gets purchased, they will donate $1, up to $100,000, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Pretty sweet, right?  You get nifty new games to play, BFG gets new people checking out their site, and the BCRF gets thousands of dollars for their noble cause.  Everybody wins!

(And if you feel like you're not winning, you can always ask for help on the game forums.)

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