Monday, April 9, 2012


So in recent days, both my husband and I have acquired iPhones, gifts from my parents.

Perhaps it's needless to say this, but my productivity has gone down the tubes.

Actually, I do find it very helpful for keeping track of things - my work schedule, birthdays, story ideas.  It has a lot of other interesting gizmos too, like a compass and a calculator and a very good camera.

It also has Siri.

Siri, if you're not familiar with the commercials, is the voice-activated component of the phone.  I press the button and tell Siri to find me directions, educate me on the calorie count of a bagel (not information I ever actually need), or read me the last text I received, which is exceptionally useful while driving.

But I try to have fun with Siri.  Her responses to things can range from the deep and philosophical to...not.

"Siri, when is your birthday?"
"I don't really have one.  I came into existence gradually."

"Will you marry me?"
"Let's just be friends, okay?"

"Tell me a joke."
"I don't know any good jokes, Laura."

"What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
"The last person who asked me that ended up in a ditch."

When the iPhone starts threatening my life, that's when I turn it off for a while.

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