Monday, May 14, 2012

Return of the Zenkaikonventionists

Once again, hello to those of you who found your way here on account of my recent attendance at Zenkaikon.  Either you were accosted by a camera-wielding shrimp in a pink dress who then pushed a business card into your hand, or you noticed my blatherings on Tumblr and came here as a result of that, or you followed the link from my profile on the Zenkaikon forums.  Regardless, welcome - I hope you'll stick around.

I don't honestly have a whole lot to say about this year's con.  We attended a pair of great panels.  The first was about cartoons based on video games, including the so-bad-it's-good Legend of Zelda cartoon that I like to refer to as 'my childhood on DVD.'  (I was actually a young teenager when it was on, but let's not split hairs.)  I got to enter their video game trivia contest, and I did pretty well on the whole but got smoked out in the very end.  I did take second place, though, and from the prize bag I drew a Game Boy copy of Ultimate Fighting Championship...whatever that is.  The other panel was "Iron Artist: Zenkaikon," in which people competed at drawing specific things within a seven-minute time frame.  That was excellent and I hope they repeat it next year.

From my beloved Fullmetal Alchemist I got to meet Mr. Sonny Strait, the voice of Maes Hughes.  He's done other voices in other anime but I'm not familiar with any of them so to me, he's Hughes.  He was the first cast member to sign the FMA poster I purchased in the dealer's room, and his inscription was...well, it was rather on the off-color side, and this is a family-friendly blog, so I'm not going to share it here.

Of course, what most of you came here to see are the pictures.  If you spot yourself or someone you know, feel free to leave a comment here; or, if you came from Tumblr, find me over there and say hello.  Thing is, though, this year there are so many pictures - and I don't know who all is what.  So I put everything into my Photobucket, and I'm just going to send you over there.  I hope you like what you find!  If you have questions, let me know; I might be able to find the answer if I don't know it myself.

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