Monday, July 30, 2012

Colorado Shootings

I don't think, by this time, that I really need to elaborate on just what happened in a movie theater last weekend in Aurora, Colorado.  Many people injured, twelve dead.

It's only been because of my unstable internet that I haven't posted about this situation sooner, but I'm happy to report that things seem to be back to normal, so here we are.

It's common enough to ask, after a tragedy like this, to wonder if there's anything we can do to help the victims.  So I rounded up a few links to sites that answer that particular question.

First is the woman who lost her six-year-old daughter as a result of the shooting, Ashley Moser.  In addition to having lost her little girl Veronica, Ashley also buried her father not long ago after a long battle with leukemia.  She's expected to be paralyzed as a result of her injuries.  Ashley's cousins have established a fund to raise money to help pay for her medical bills, because she doesn't exactly need other things to worry about right now.  Click on this link to find out how you can attend a fundraiser in her honor if you live in the area, or how to contribute to the fund online if you don't.

The excellent website GiveForward has a list of a few fundraising pages on their site which are aimed at helping assorted victims of the shooting.

Do you live in or near the Denver area?  There is a desperate shortage of blood donations because so much was sent to local hospitals to help those injured in the shooting.  Go here to read about the need and find out how you can help.

And for ongoing developments in this particular situation, keep an eye on this page from the Huffington Post.  They're maintaining an up-to-date list of pages with ways to help the victims.

I hope that all of the survivors of that dreadful night are able, in time, to find peace and closure.  But in the short term, let's see what we can do to help make that possible.

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