Thursday, October 18, 2012

Someone Else's Contest

So I'm sort of tempted to tell any fellow bloggers not to enter this contest.

See, I'd like to win it.  And the less competition I have, the better my chances.  But that wouldn't be very fair, and the truth is, I think everyone should enter this contest if they have a blog, so I'm going to tell you all about it.

The contest in question is being held by Mina Lobo, a self-described Goth mom who runs a blog called Some Dark Romantic.  She seems, from my limited perspective, like a pretty cool person, especially since she's organizing this contest.

The event is called the Resurrection Blogfest.  The idea is that on November 7th, you will 'resurrect' a dead post on your blog - something from the first year of your blogging, maybe a favorite post that you'd like to run again.  I've already chosen the post I'm going to resurrect.  Mina will choose seven finalists from among the participating blogs, then her readers will vote on the winners.  There will be actual prizes.  Click the link for the full list of rules and guidelines.

This should be a lot of fun.

So yeah, as tempted as I am to tell you not to enter, the truth is that I think you should totally enter if you have a blog.  Because this will be awesome.  We'll all be in this together.  On November 7th, let's unite the world of blogging and just sort of hang out.

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  1. Laura, you're, like, totally my hero today. Thanks so much for promoting my blogfest! <3 <3 <3

    Mina's Resurrection Blogfest!


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