Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Love Letters

I didn't plan to take almost an entire month off from blogging.  I really, really didn't.  But a whole bunch of things kind of got in the way, like Thanksgiving and Black Friday and well, you get the idea.  Anyway, here I am, and thank you for your patience.

So several months ago, I shared with you the existence of More Love Letters.  Basic idea is that you write out a short card or note to the organization's chosen recipient each month, then send it to their headquarters and they deliver the messages to the person in need of the uplift.  Simple.

Well, the holidays are upon us, and starting today, the organization has decided to ramp things up a little.  For the next twelve days, they will share information about one person per day, and you have a week to send in a little Christmas cheer for this individual.  You can follow along on their blog, and if you use Facebook, you can sign up to participate by joining in on their event page.

This project comes along at a very interesting time.  With so many people sending messages and paying bills online, the United States postal service is struggling.  Apparently, the recent election (and all of its attendant mailings) actually kept the postal service from bankruptcy.  So a project like this one, which involves sending actual postal mail, will support the effort to Save The Post Office.

Oh, and one more thing in a similar vein!  I didn't get to do my usual post this year because of getting tied up with so many other projects and obligations, but you can bet your boots that I still support the Red Cross's Holiday Mail for Heroes program.  For details, allow me to link you to my all-time most-read blog post, Walter Reed and the Holiday Mail Snafu.  The deadline this year is Friday, December 7th.  Remember, you cannot send holiday cards to soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital!  Read the blog post to see why.

So between holiday love letters and cards for soldiers, I think we can give the postal service a big old boost this month, don't you?  I'm off to buy stamps.

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