Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 2013!

I (mostly unintentionally) took the first two weeks of the year off from blogging.  But here I am again.

People ask me "Did you make any New Year's resolutions?"  I try not to do that, generally speaking, because past experience has taught me that this is setting myself up for failure.  I like to think that the new year will be different, that I will somehow magically be different, and I don't quite make it there.

(I'm only thirty-six.  I haven't got the hang of this 'competent adult' thing just yet.  I get points for trying, though, right?  My scorecard's probably a mess by now.)

But something happened recently that has me sort of reconsidering.  Someone referred to me as being "wise."

Now, many are the times in my life that I've been called smart, or intelligent.  Clever, occasionally.  Creative, sure.  Wise, however, usually doesn't get applied to me unless it's immediately followed by the word guy.

This came about because some of my internet people and I were having a discussion about which fictional characters we most resemble to each other.  At first I wasn't getting any comments, which prompted me to joke that it was probably because most of what happens in my life is stranger than fiction anyway.  (I maintain this is true.)  A couple suggestions came through, though; I was likened to Queen Elinor, who is the mother of the protagonist of Brave, and of course my goddaughter will forever say that I am the real-life Molly Weasley.  And then someone posited that I remind them of Iroh, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, because I am "very wise, and kind to everyone."

This is true of the character, who is one of my two favorites from that show.  I would venture to say that it is less true of me.

Which is where the resolution comes in.  Because I maintain that the person I have been doesn't deserve that praise, at least not all or even most of the time - but I'm going to try to deserve it from now on.

Let's see what happens.

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