Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo post: Grandfather's slides

My grandfather was an avid photographer, which accounts for a lot of my own interest in the activity.  For many years, all of his photos were developed in the form of slides, which my mother inherited after his death.  Recently, she purchased a machine that allows us to scan the slides and transfer them into her computer, which makes it easier to share them with others as well as, well, see what the heck they are.

As I noted in a previous post, he was a woodworker with a tendency to take pictures of every. single. piece. he made.  So several of the boxes have been labeled "Furniture" and we have quietly ignored them.  Among the rest, however, we've come across some real gems from my mother's childhood and also from my own.  So instead of sharing my own photography with you today, here's my grandfather's.

My grandmother, circa 1958.  My comment to my friends in the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom is that she looks remarkably like Izumi Curtis in this picture.  That will make no sense to the rest of you, I know.

My infant self, with the man in question.  I was generally a pretty happy baby, but any picture where I'm with my grandfather - whom I adored - I am guaranteed to be smiling.

Apparently I was a tiger rider in my spare time.  This is on my first Christmas; that's my mom.  Yeah, she still looks pretty young 35 years later, too.

My grandparents had a motor home and did a lot of traveling when I was a kid, often taking me along with them.  This is my grandmother and me on the stage at the original Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, when I was about four.  I'm much paler nowadays, though not much taller.

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  1. Your mom looks kind of like a cross between you and Claire in that photo. It's a little trippy.


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