Monday, July 16, 2012

Back on Track

I apologize for the lengthy silence.  My internet came back, and then went out again in a matter of days.  But it's back and, for the moment at least, holding steady - so expect some Vegas pictures and whatnot this coming Thursday.

Meanwhile, a long time ago a few of my friends suggested that I try publishing serial fiction on the web.  I've done it often enough, except that up to this point, they've all been fan fiction stories.  Recently, I had the urge to do it with something original, and out of that was born the Graystone saga.  I'd be very flattered and honored if you all went and checked it out, and perhaps followed it at least as faithfully as you follow this blog.  All the reviews I've gotten for what there is have been sent to me privately, but they're all positive, so hopefully that means something!

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